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Huge losses of nearly 50 billion! Half a million people are idle! The industry in the United States is really \

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catering enterprises, clothing retail, shale gas enterprises, oil service giants More than 3600 companies have applied for bankruptcy in the first half of this year alone, with more than 600 applications in a single month. American enterprises are struggling with the epidemic!

As of the middle of July, the United States has lost 7 billion US dollars (about 49 billion yuan), and nearly 500000 people have been laid off.


loss of 49 billion, 500000 people idle

1 / 4 gyms or close down

. With the continuous epidemic in the United States, gyms around the country will continue to be under blockade, and the U.S. fitness industry is on the verge of collapse.

According to CCTV news, up to now, the U.S. fitness walking industry has lost more than 7 billion U.S. dollars. 489000 fitness workers in Michigan, New York, Washington, California and other states have been laid off due to compulsory closure by state authorities. If fitness centers such as Texas and Florida are closed again due to the outbreak of the epidemic, we look forward to these states 280000 employees will be laid off.

Chris creto, a board member of the International Association of health, action and fitness, said the U.S. fitness industry was mainly attacked by the epidemic, and the U.S. authorities did not select any assistance measures. Kraito has written a letter of help to the U.S. authorities, looking forward to getting loans for small and medium-sized enterprises during the epidemic period. He also indicated that 25% of the fitness enterprises in the United States would be closed for a long time this year without the assistance of the authorities.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, nearly three cattle in Gansu Province have applied for bankruptcy. The cherished American chain gyms are like dominoes.

According to media news, Gansu's fast three certain cattle, Gansu fast three certain cattle in May this year, the United States old brand gym gold's gym has applied for bankruptcy treasure, the company is planning debt restructuring, and further closing stores. According to the company, it has been restructured in accordance with the bankruptcy law, and has the right to operate its chuxiaobu before August 1 this year. Affected by the debt, gold's gym has now closed 32 furniture laugh units for a long time, including three in Dallas headquarters. In the bankruptcy documents of gold's gym, the amount of debt owed was between $50 million and $100 million. It is understood that the bankruptcy will not affect the gym's add Meng business, now gold's Gym franchise stores account for 90% of the total branch. Gold gym, which has been operating for half a century since the outbreak stopped, has reached its most dangerous moment.

In addition, 24 hour fitness, another large American fitness chain, has filed for bankruptcy. Meanwhile, town sports international, a large US gym operator, is considering bankruptcy, with four offline fitness brands including New York sports clubs. Even gyms, including equinox fitness, have announced the suspension of rent payments to maintain operations.

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